Lead Poisoning Exposure

Before 1960, paint used in New York City’s apartments contained lead pigment. As older buildings deteriorate and develop leaks, this paint peels, and falls to the floor below where curious toddlers put the lead-based paint chips in their mouths. Toddlers will often seek out the sweet tasting lead-contaminated paint chips.

Effects of Lead Poisoning in Children

Once ingested, the lead contained within the paint chips interferes with the development of toddlers’ brains and, as a result, may cause brain damage and learning disabilities. Children with lead poisoning will often have deficient language-based skills and will demonstrate behavioral difficulties. In more severe cases, these children require Special Education classes, additional tutoring, medical monitoring and, in some situations, even medication and hospitalization.

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Over the years Cannata, Hendele & Cannata, LLP, has handled numerous lead poisoning cases. We have developed the technical, scientific, medical and educational expertise these important cases require. For example, we will have the child tested by an independent child psychologist, pediatric neurologist, or physician specializing in lead poisoning so we can prove the full extent of the child’s injuries to the jury. We will also work closely with the child’s school to ensure the child has been thoroughly evaluated for Special Education programs so the child will be able to obtain the best education and support possible.

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