Below is a small sample of cases we have handled. Cannata, Hendele & Cannata, LLP is proud to have achieved positive outcomes for so many deserving clients. Please keep in mind that the success of any lawsuit or settlement depends on the unique circumstances of each case. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Passenger injured in a transportation accident - $15,800,000 Settlement

Infant physically abused while in foster care, causing lifelong cognitive and physical impairments - $10,000,000 Settlement

Teacher blinded by a broken school door - $12,500,000 Jury verdict, modified on appeal and settled for $8,000,000

Defective stove caused flammable pajamas to catch fire and severely burn a child - $7,215,000 Settlement during trial

Fall down an unguarded elevator shaft during construction resulting in severe leg fractures - $5,250,000 Settlement

Construction worker fell from scaffold, resulting in cervical and lumbar spine injuries - $4,150,000 Settlement

Fall from an unsecured ladder caused a traumatic brain injury- $3,750,000 Settlement

Pedestrian struck by a bicyclist causing a brain injury – $3,000,000 Settlement during mediation

Fall from a broken scaffold step resulted in spinal injury- $2,475,000 Settlement

High-pressured water blaster caused severe arm injury - $3,900,000 Verdict, reduced by the Court following a post-trial motion to $2,900,000, settled for $2,400,000

Fall on wet floor in office building resulted in cervical spine injury - $2,400,000 Settlement

Firefighter fell down stairs while fighting fire, sustaining ankle and lumbar spine injuries - $2,300,000 Settlement

Fall from a scaffold after the tie-ins broke loose causing fractured ankle and chronic pain- $2,300,000 Settlement

Construction worker fell through an unsecured opening causing spinal injuries - $2,200,000 Settlement during trial

Two car intersection collision causing hip and knee fractures - $1,900,000 Settlement

Child suffered from lead poisoning resulting in learning disabilities requiring Special Education classes- $1,850,000 Settlement prior to trial

Collapsed wall causing brain injury - $1,640,000 Settlement

Motor vehicle accident due to defective traffic light - $1,600,000 Settlement

Child suffered from lead poisoning resulting in behavioral problems and learning disabilities- $1,575,000 Settlement during trial

Truck driver struck by forklift in a warehouse, resulting in traumatic brain injury - $1,500,000 Settlement

Worker crushed by falling concrete column- $1,500,000 Settlement

Slip on ice causing lumbar and cervical spine injuries - $1,500,000 Settlement

Defectively designed wrapper crushed and burned three fingers, resulting in the amputation of two fingers and skin grafts to the third finger - $1,500,000 Settlement

Trip on uneven sidewalk causing traumatic brain injury - $1,500,000 Settlement

Teacher slipped on ice while entering the school building, resulting in a traumatic brain injury - $1,400,000 Settlement

Fall from a work platform on a construction site causing injury to shoulder - $1,400,000 Settlement

Fall from a misleveled elevator resulting in orthopedic injuries - $1,350,000 Settlement

Police car on an emergency run struck pedestrian, crushing his leg - $1,200,000 Settlement

Chair collapsed causing a back injury - $1,200,000 Settlement

Fall caused by large depression in asphalt resulting in shoulder, knee, and back injuries - $1,000,000 Settlement

Defectively designed floor scrubber causing fractured vertebra and herniations - $1,000,000 Settlement

Exploding pressure cooker caused burns to neck and torso - $900,000 Settlement

Bicyclist struck by truck due to improper traffic light sequence, causing bilateral lower leg fractures - $870,000 Settlement

Jogger hit by a surf board protruding from a car, resulting in fractures to her arm- $825,000 Settlement

Passenger in a car was killed when a rock fell from a construction dump truck- $750,000 Settlement

EMS and lifeguards failed to properly immobilize swimmer's neck, causing spinal cord injury - $748,500 Settlement

Decayed tree in a park fell on a passerby causing a fractured ankle and chronic pain – $700,000 Settlement

Passenger on a bus struck her head during an accident causing a dormant seizure disorder to return- $625,000 Settlement