About Our Firm

In 2001, Gregory Cannata established Gregory J. Cannata & Associates, LLP, as a spin-off of the legendary plaintiffs’ personal injury firm Schneider Kleinick & Weitz, where Gregory Cannata was the managing partner and a trial attorney. Since then, Gregory Cannata grew the firm from one attorney – Gregory Cannata – and one secretary, to a hardworking team of established attorneys and support staff. In 2023, Gregory Cannata named Alison Hendele and Robert Cannata as partners, and Gregory J. Cannata & Associates, LLP became Cannata, Hendele & Cannata, LLP.

Since 2001 the firm has remained true to three important principles:

We Limit Our Cases: Each Case Gets Our Full Attention

First, we handle a few, high quality cases rather than scores of smaller cases. This means that our attorneys devote the time and resources necessary to achieving the maximum recovery for you. We prepare your lawsuit for trial and not a quick settlement. If the insurance company wants to settle your case, we dictate the terms, not them.

Every Case is Unique: No Case is Treated Like a Number

Second, we believe that each client’s case is unique. As a result, we never try to “squeeze” your lawsuit into pre-drafted pleadings or theories. Your attorney will develop a unique litigation plan for your case in order to maximize your recovery.

Your Accident Has Changed Your Life: Your Dedicated Attorney Takes the Time to Understand Every Detail

Third, in order to effectively represent you, we believe that each attorney must have an intimate knowledge of your case. You will not see a parade of attorneys each handling a separate aspect of your case or not taking the time to know you or see the larger picture. One attorney is responsible for your case from inception to conclusion. That attorney will take the time to understand how your accident has changed your life so the case can be presented to achieve the maximum result.

Our Record of Success Speaks for Itself

Our firm’s track record representing plaintiffs with personal injury lawsuits speaks for itself. Since 2001, we have successfully resolved hundreds of claims for our clients. Over 90 of these cases resulted in verdicts or settlements of $1,000,000 or more and over 200 resulted in verdicts or settlements of between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

For the past twenty years, our firm has also been a leader in representing individuals with severe respiratory injuries and cancer sustained following their exposure to the toxic World Trade Center dust. We have achieved over $300 million for our World Trade Center clients in the federal litigation and the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

The total recovery for all of the law firm’s clients since 2001 is over $450,000,000.

To discover more about the law firm and our achievements, please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.