» Construction Accidents

Construction worker fell from scaffold, resulting in cervical and lumbar spine injuries - $4,150,000 Settlement

Fall from a work platform on a construction site causing injury to shoulder - $1,400,000 Settlement

Construction worker fell through an unsecured opening causing spinal injuries - $2,200,000 Settlement during trial

Worker crushed by falling concrete column- $1,500,000 Settlement

Collapsed wall causing brain injury - $1,640,000 Settlement

Fall from a scaffold after the tie-ins broke loose causing fractured ankle and chronic pain- $2,300,000 Settlement

Fall from a broken scaffold step resulted in spinal injury- $2,475,000 Settlement

Fall from an unsecured ladder caused a traumatic brain injury- $3,750,000 Settlement

Fall down an unguarded elevator shaft during construction resulting in severe leg fractures - $5,250,000 Settlement